Friday, June 27, 2008

Cruise on Lake Ontario

On Jun 26th we ( Anita/ Antrix and me) took a cruise on the lake as part of a trip sponsered by Rogers & guess what -- I forgot to take the camera along. We just sailed around on Captain Mathew Flanders ( the name of the three storied boat) in the harbour area for 4 hrs while we consumed an assortment of beverages that were available. We took in the Toronto skyline and the open waters of lake Ontario. The skyline looked picture perfect when the sun went down and during the early evening it was the natural beauty that enthralled us. One of the fallouts of seeing the movie Titanic is to seek out the bow on every boat that I board and try and experienc the heady feeling of standing right on that spot.
While sailing around we saw a couple of kayakers on the waters as well. Antrix and me had visions of attempting to reach Centre Island from Mississauga on our kayaks. I think it would be a full day effort but Antrix is confident of doing it without a ruffle.
A real damper was the long lines to get dinner and later the dessert-- we had to spend time indoors to get the food while we could have been spending time on the deck. All in all I enjoyed the trip and am still kicking myself on missing out on the camera. ( The pic abaove is from a cell phone camera)