Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aayush is headed for Waterloo

A few days back Aayush decided to commit himself to an Engg course at Waterloo. A hurried trip to Waterloo last Saturday followed by a trip to U of T in the afternoon culminated in the decision.

The last week has been hectic for him as he tries to make it to his innumerable breakup parties. It is well deserved and well earned. I hope he is having fun.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Crashed Hard Drive

I wonder how many of you have experienced the loss of your hard drive? I lost mine on fri May 29.The tech attending to my laptop cooly said " I am unable to recover your data but I will try to reimage your machine". He said this with a flat tone. Some one with no emotions. As I listened my mind raced through the contents of my hard drive trying to gauge what was "gone" and what could be salvaged through email and USB sticks. I was not even listening to the tech on the phone who was repeatedly asking me permission to re image my hard drive. I mumbled my "OK" as I sat in a daze wondering what I was going to do. How was I to complete my deliverables and in what manner could I afford to be isolated from the digital world? I have no answers as I struggle to go through a weekend without a laptop.
Anyway ... the long and short of it is that I have lost all my personal data & no I did not back up all my personal stuff but managed to save all the work related info on a shared drive but my pictures and the audio books and the "other stuff" is lost forever. On Monday I will possible get my laptop back with a "clean" HDD ....Life begins again....

This is being posted from Anita's machine while she is away at work....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Antrix's Portfolio

Have a look at Antrix's Portfolio. The model in the initial pages has been done single handedly in a 2-3 days almost non stop effort. This I believe is typically done by the full support of an Architectural organization. The organization that Antrix worked with in Japan, unfortunately did not do models but which is almost de rigour here in North America.

Antrix's Portfolio

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Decision on Choice of University

Deep discussions on which University to go to

Some brotherly talk on what is good and what is not...

Some additional help is sought...

Antrix advises to look far into the future and decide...

Aayush decides to work it out on his own...

For a teenager , its not an easy decision....

tomorrow when the sun rises... we will know if it is Waterloo or Toronto...

Thirst, by first principles

I was doing some yard work today in some great weather. As I mowed the lawn I became increasingly thirsty and went in for a drink. The cool water along with some ice surprisingly did not satisfy me and I suddenly thought of the long forgotten "surahi". I longed to taste that earthen taste but I guess no one has even heard of it in this part of the world. I desperately needed a glass of "ghara" water. Anyone remember drinking the last bit of water from a ghara and along with it some loose clay as well? The cruncy taste I still cant forget. I think the nearest ghara would be approx 8k kms away in India. Next time some one asks me what to get from India, I might take him/ her on with a request to get a "Ghara" & if that is too much I might settle for the slimmer version - a "Surahi" :)

I did not have a picture of a ghara so I "stole" it off the net -- I hope the owner forgives me.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lecture @ Univ of Toronto

This Saturday morning I went chasing some PDU's ( Professional Development Units) which is a criteria to retain my certification. This was the second time I did this where a room full of approx 50 PMP aspirants attended the 4hrs lecture. I thoroughly enjoyed myself delivering the presentation but I am not sure about those poor guys.. they sat as a captive audience as I blabbered on & on. For those of you who are keen on a little more detail- the talk was on "Quality Mgmt".
I remembered the time I had attended this lecture as a student many years back and asked the same questions I was asked today -- life comes a full circle!
I hope they make it on the exam. All the best to them..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Kulu & Renu's new Home

My mind goes back to 1985 when we had first met the two of you at our own wedding in Pragiti maidan. The years went by and we kept in touch off and on as you travelled the world and we travelled within India & then when you had first come to Canada in 2005. I recollect how you both calmly worked your way through those turbulent first few months, never doubting your own ability yet being indulgent enough to sit through meaningless suggestions from us without a touch of impatience and annoyance. Right there, if one had been looking out for, one could have discerned the markings of an entrepreneur. While most of us chose the relative safety and the well trodden path of an employee, you were adamant that you had to run a business.
The acquiring and successful running of Zeeks is by no means an ordinary feat and it should serve as a shining example to all immigrants who come to this land and show them as to what can be achieved when you pit your mind to what you want.
Today as you stand all set to enter into this magnificent home, Anita, Antariksh, Aayush and I wish to convey to you our sincerest good wishes for a life full of love, health and happiness. The rest will follow.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Charlette Royale

On May 16, Anita surprised us all by making a Charlette Royale Cake. She does this once in a few years and it just happened to be the day. For those of you who are not initiated into "the" cake, it is made of Lemon Souffle, swiss roll and rasberry jam. If any of you are planning to run off and try the reciepe-- need I remind you that some one needs to provide you proportions as well & its not going to be me. Anyways--needless to say I dug in well and proper. Ant & Aay did not have much of a chance. Quite a few people rang up to commemorate the day the cake makes its appearance. To all those who rang up and commented on Facebook-- Thank You so much!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where is the Captain?

I spoke to my parents in India today who updated me on the election results. It is so nice to hear my father speak on politics. His anguish comes out loud and clear. The Congress party has apparently come out on top as the popular party to take the nation forward. What does that mean to the man on the street and infact to everyone who holds India as something precious and dear to his/ her heart? To me it means that the Manmohan Singh will potentially continue his role as the PM and wil be the one man who has the power to push India to its true potential-- and we all are convinced that India has tremendous potential with its long string of intellectuals who have earned a name for themselves around the world.
This election has no meaning to me unless a true leader steps forward and takes charge. Can we be sure that India will not be victim to another terror attack like 26/11? What policies are in place to avoid another Satyam? How can we ever get rid of corruption in Government offices. How do we ensure every that child gets primary education and health care? How doe we stop Bangladeshi influx into WB? How to account for every man woman and child that represents India? How do we.....

I don't think having an intellectual as a PM will help. Some one who can rally the best subject matter experts to focus on vital issues concerning the nation, is what we need. Some one with a vision who gets every major functionary in the nations governing machinery to converge as per a national vision. Some one to rise above politics and petty sensibilities to address the ultimate goal of a prosperous nation. We need this leader to come take the helm. Some one who can stand on the ramparts of the Red Fort and instill in the people of India that the "best is yet to come"( Ted Rogers' famous words) & show them the way.
Currently we have the ability to staff the boat with a great crew but we lack a Captain.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I cannot fathom why I have begun to "facebook"
Two days -- two posts. Our friend Renu must be proud of me.

A Green Garden

I returned from work today and as i stepped out ofthe car , i was amazed at the surrounding greenery. It had rained in the morning and having mowed the lawn the day before, the surroundings around our house looked as if it was a painting. -- Have a look. See the grass color? If you are not impressed , blame my camera.At times like this you send a silent prayer and thank God for all that you have.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 09, 2009

It was our wedding anniv today and it turned out to be a wettish windy day. We bought an assortment of cakes. Surprisingly Ant and Aay ate very little and I ate most of it. I promised myself that the next day I would "run it all off" and since it is a weekend I would probably be able to swim some of it off as well.. we'ell see -- tomorrow is another day. We decided to take a couple of pictures as well , various shades of smiles and relaxed poses.. finally Anita approved one ( the one on top) . We breakfasted at Paneera which let us down a bit but made up for it with its attrociously priced hazlenut coffee with honey. In the evening we saw "State of Play" a movie which was ummm OK ( 3 stars) & then since it was Canada where eating joints close at 10 or earlier on a saturday, we ended by eating from a Subway.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

to Facebook or not

I have "almost" taken a decision to get out of Facebook. My fingers go into knots ( something like being tongue tied in front of an audience) when I log in and nothing happens, so I need to quit where I should never have been in the first place.

Anyone any objections? Speak now or forever hold your tongue. (Tongue seems to be the operative word today)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cherries are on their way

Its summer again and both the cherry trees in our backyard have started flowering again. In a couple of weeks now...