Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aayush is headed for Waterloo

A few days back Aayush decided to commit himself to an Engg course at Waterloo. A hurried trip to Waterloo last Saturday followed by a trip to U of T in the afternoon culminated in the decision.

The last week has been hectic for him as he tries to make it to his innumerable breakup parties. It is well deserved and well earned. I hope he is having fun.


Lawrence Manickam said...

All the best, Aayush

Pankaj said...

You've been a busy blogger!
Great job Dad on chronicling this decision and Great job Aayush for choosing Mech. When I got my Mech degree, folks thought that I would be a good car mechanic! But I still maintain that the min thing Mech Engg teaches you, is to be jug-a-doo, if u know what I mean!