Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thirst, by first principles

I was doing some yard work today in some great weather. As I mowed the lawn I became increasingly thirsty and went in for a drink. The cool water along with some ice surprisingly did not satisfy me and I suddenly thought of the long forgotten "surahi". I longed to taste that earthen taste but I guess no one has even heard of it in this part of the world. I desperately needed a glass of "ghara" water. Anyone remember drinking the last bit of water from a ghara and along with it some loose clay as well? The cruncy taste I still cant forget. I think the nearest ghara would be approx 8k kms away in India. Next time some one asks me what to get from India, I might take him/ her on with a request to get a "Ghara" & if that is too much I might settle for the slimmer version - a "Surahi" :)

I did not have a picture of a ghara so I "stole" it off the net -- I hope the owner forgives me.

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Pankaj said...

To each his own.. I wanted that Fridge water anyday! Surahi water, granted has that flavor, but it still doesn't have the zing of chilled water! Ice cubes in a surahi... now that is what I want!