Monday, September 29, 2008

The Hells Angels have a new Member

The Harley Davidson on Clifton Hill @ Niagara did not roar into life but it sure made some cameras to start clicking.

For those not in the know-- that is Sonia , my neice

Finally a Family Pic

You may not realize but getting a family pic is quite a job. I have been trying to do this for many months (maybe years) and somehow getting four people in front of a camera is a challenge, specially if you do not have a tripod and you need to find an appropriate platform to place the camera or a willing passerby who can oblige.

This was taken almost a month back at Niagara.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama & McCain Debate

Yesterday we saw the televised debate of these two US Senators. One of them, in a few months would inherit the most powerful office in the world . This man would be expected to lead with a vision that would successfully confront many of the current challenges that the US faces. Watching the two of them go back and forth on the many leading questions fielded by the moderator I felt amazed at the presence of mind and the mental dexterity that both of them displayed. Their depth of knowledge and oratory skills made me think of our Indian Politicians.. .well lets leave that for now.

What struck me while i listened to the debate was a continuous refrain from McCain saying " Senator Obama does not understand .... Senator Obama does not realize....." While as what is that we heard from Obama-- " John is right... I agree with John...." Who do you think is the better statesman?

On the question of policy , Obama had it all lined up. He went 1, 2, 3, 4 right through to what he wanted to do while as McCain kept harping on his strong point of national Security/ the war in Iraq/ Afghanistan and the veterans ( where did they come in to the discussion) . McCain did not even want to talk to any leader without a pre condition where as Obama exuded an openness and willingness to meet any one if it meant a way forward. The most difficult McCain policy I found to accept was his complete lack of vision on going after alternate fuel. After 9/11 if there was one area that George Bush has failed in , it is the vision of energy self reliant. If the US had gone after energy self reliance and not gone out to the middle east to buy oil, all these petro dollars could have been saved. These same dollars were used by some countries to fund terrorist organizations who then used it to attack the west ( UK too after what we saw this year)

Anyway back to the Obama/ McCain debate. I find Obama has this strong vitality in his voice. His words come out crisp with a sense of authoritativeness and preciseness. McCain speaks well too but he lacks the conviction that comes from Obama. Given the state that the George Bush government will leave the nation in, I would feel Obama would be a better bet than McCain to lead the country out of this morass.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Driver on the GTA roads

Aayush is the proud holder of a G2 licence. He was able to get this a couple of weeks back but due to my inability of getting a pic of him holding his licence , I had to delay this post.

This also means that I will find the car missing on some evenings and will possibly have some blood pressure issues when he does not return at a "decent"hour. We still need to define "decent". Obviously his decent hour starts around mid night and mine ends around 10 pm. There in itself lies a potential argument ( read discussion). BTW , Anita and me have already had several such "discussions" with Aayush.
Aayush: Drive safe always and we wish you many happy hours of driving

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kayak Racking Solution

Anyone interested in a simple & cheap kayak racking solution for his/her garage?? The only expense is to buy two U angle irons and bolt them to the wall at approx two third the length of the kayaks. The U irons cost approx CDN$ 20-25(bothinclusive) and the nylon rope loops are from a dollar store. The bolting may require a power drill as you will most likely be drilling concrete. Please dont ruin your normal drills & bits by using them on the garage concrete walls. Click on the image to get a closer look. In the corner you may notice the J Racks which have been removed from the car.In case you have questions just post a comment and I should be able to get back to you relatively quickly.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Antrix's Birthday 2008

To Antrix,
Its your 21st and hence this is a special day
I still remember the day I held you for the first time – it was your first day & you were our first child. I was afraid I would be clumsy and might drop you – & I can even remember your smell – it was mix of medicine and baby smells—when you came home you still had the smell and – I loved that smell.

Time flew by and I recollect how I used to carry you around in Calcutta (on a trip down from Tezpur) on my shoulders – I used to be afraid that when you grow up you would be bowlegged due to sitting on my shoulders with your legs around my neck—( thankfully that did not come to pass :)

Then when you went to the Dinshaw school in Mhow—I believe Mum'ma had taught you so well that you seem to be a star there—later at Bishops Pune – you looked so smart in that white uniform & the snap we took outside the gate when we were leaving Pune – I don’t need a pic – its imprinted in my mind. I recollect running behind you trying to teach you how to cycle in IAT—that black cycle of yours—do you remember??

The next recollection is of the year you spent at Sanawar. I think you really did not relish that time there while we thought we were doing the best for you—hopefully you do carry some great memories of that place and also some learnings – sply the motto – Never, never give up!! I kinda thought that it was very appropriate for boys of that age.

While we were at Calcutta – I remember the way Aayush & you quickly learnt swimming and then the way I used to drop the two of you to La Martinere on scooter and Ma picked you up in those one way lanes in Cal.. Remember the boxing fight and how all of us were stressed out.. maybe not!!

The last few yrs in Noida before we left for Canada – you grew really fast—those were your adolescent years and were accompanied by the related events –

As you now go into your 21st year -- I am sure you cherish those memories of the last 20 years and hopefully there are more fond ones than otherwise

We wish you well Antariksh in whatever you do – Life will take you to different lands and present you varied situations—never falter for a moment to take a decision—as all you need to do is remember this quote—To discover distant lands , you need to leave sight of the shore..

Love & all the best

Mum'ma & Papa

Sept 20, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You dwell in our thoughts

It was Rajni's Bday and we had the customary cake cutting at mid night. Later in the day we went for a walk and it was quite surprising how even the puddles had the B'day girl on their mind. The weather was great and the position just right for me to miss the opportunity to capture this pic.
Happy B Day Rajni

Among the Dandelions

As the summer slipped away Rajni & Anita decided to take a stroll in the neighbouring park. The soccer field looked inviting and both of them plonked right on the side of the field. There was not much to do but to start clicking while the smiles lasted. Did they know that this park is used by pet owners. The dogs leave their mark (you know how) but these ladies had no problem
posing on the well fertilized field.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wining & Dining in the Wilds of Euginia Falls

well not so much wining but dining -- yes! We lunched on puris and veggies along with salad along with some areated drinks . The weather was great -- and the spot was well chosen , under a startegic tree and close to some mobile washrooms. Anita was so happy that her newly acquired wicker picnic basket was coming to good use. Though it looks as if I presided over the table, there were enough women around to make sure I maintained the status of an NDA first termer ( to be seen but not heard)

Chris Bosh...

I guess Aayush's day was made when he managed to get a little model of one of the Raptors ( Chris Bosh) . He was so thrilled when he manged to find it at a garage sale on our way back from Owen Sound that it not only made his eyes gleam but it made me happy to see him happy. Needless to say it now occupies a prized spot on his study table

What happened to the Niagara Falls???

As Anita tried to put up her best smile for the pic, something happened to the Niagara Falls-- they shrunk!!!
Well before you go off believing me -- we are at the Hoggs falls -- yes the same place where Anita had a smoke -- yikes her mouth smells!!!
Hoggs Falls actually turned out to be a great place inspite of the "mini" waterfall. It had a great spot to take some pics -- the tree behind me was strategic as without it one would have had wobbly knees (with a fear of falling over into the fall)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Good & the Bad

It is said that circumstances bring out the hidden personality in you. This is just what happened to Anita who stumbled on an abandoned pack of cigaretes at Hoggs falls in Owen Sounds. An innocent girl turned into a smoker and a looking at her ( at the way she blew those smoke rings) one would think that she was a pro. Below you see an innocent girl and above "setting the right example".