Saturday, September 20, 2008

Antrix's Birthday 2008

To Antrix,
Its your 21st and hence this is a special day
I still remember the day I held you for the first time – it was your first day & you were our first child. I was afraid I would be clumsy and might drop you – & I can even remember your smell – it was mix of medicine and baby smells—when you came home you still had the smell and – I loved that smell.

Time flew by and I recollect how I used to carry you around in Calcutta (on a trip down from Tezpur) on my shoulders – I used to be afraid that when you grow up you would be bowlegged due to sitting on my shoulders with your legs around my neck—( thankfully that did not come to pass :)

Then when you went to the Dinshaw school in Mhow—I believe Mum'ma had taught you so well that you seem to be a star there—later at Bishops Pune – you looked so smart in that white uniform & the snap we took outside the gate when we were leaving Pune – I don’t need a pic – its imprinted in my mind. I recollect running behind you trying to teach you how to cycle in IAT—that black cycle of yours—do you remember??

The next recollection is of the year you spent at Sanawar. I think you really did not relish that time there while we thought we were doing the best for you—hopefully you do carry some great memories of that place and also some learnings – sply the motto – Never, never give up!! I kinda thought that it was very appropriate for boys of that age.

While we were at Calcutta – I remember the way Aayush & you quickly learnt swimming and then the way I used to drop the two of you to La Martinere on scooter and Ma picked you up in those one way lanes in Cal.. Remember the boxing fight and how all of us were stressed out.. maybe not!!

The last few yrs in Noida before we left for Canada – you grew really fast—those were your adolescent years and were accompanied by the related events –

As you now go into your 21st year -- I am sure you cherish those memories of the last 20 years and hopefully there are more fond ones than otherwise

We wish you well Antariksh in whatever you do – Life will take you to different lands and present you varied situations—never falter for a moment to take a decision—as all you need to do is remember this quote—To discover distant lands , you need to leave sight of the shore..

Love & all the best

Mum'ma & Papa

Sept 20, 2008


rajni said...

neeraj you succeeded in taking us down the memory lane.i too, distinctly remember what a lovely child he was (and is-grown up as a handsome lad).i join in wishing him all the best today and in the
years to come.

Neeraj Tandon said...

Thx Rajni

Pankaj said...

Antriksh: I couldn't have said it better than your Dad! All the best for a great bright future!
Neeraj: Awesome write-up!

prem and kamal said...

Twentyone years ago Antariksh, as our first grand child came in our famiy. He has been sweet and charming child right from his cradle days.His aceivement today is due his devotion and hard work and also due to the comendable upbringing by his parents.
Our blessings and best wishes for his progress in future career.
Papa and Ma