Friday, September 5, 2008

Chris Bosh...

I guess Aayush's day was made when he managed to get a little model of one of the Raptors ( Chris Bosh) . He was so thrilled when he manged to find it at a garage sale on our way back from Owen Sound that it not only made his eyes gleam but it made me happy to see him happy. Needless to say it now occupies a prized spot on his study table

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Pankaj said...

Hi Aayush!
Who would have thought that a 17 year old would play with a doll! (aka bobble-head)
Ah.. these marketing guys can sell coal to a miner! (read.. sell a doll to a minor!)

Congrats Aayush.. on the acquiring of the .... DOLL!... sorry bobble head!