Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pittsburgh Jul 04

Jul 04 in Pittsburgh found us making a trip to a vantage point overlooking the main river in Pitts to see the fireworks. Obtaining a parking was like earning the right to see the show. It was certainly the best display of fireworks I have ever seen.

On Jul 04, Anita , Antrix and me drove down to Pankaj's place at Pittsburgh. I always enjoy the trip and this one was more so as it was almost after a gap of a year. What was shocking was "Terry Fox" look that we got from Shalini. I believe, Shalini spurred on by the Euro 2008 ended up in injuring her knee. She now wears an impressive wrapping on her legs....

Neil/ Varun ( not sure which name is in vouge currently) had added a few inches to his teenage frame and most conspicious was the missing fuzz on his face, indications of Neil having taken on the daily chore of shaving. Also it was great to see his excitement as he handled his new MacPro laptop -- a rightfully earned gift for having cleared the tests for a more challenging course of study in his high school.

During the day we engaged a bunch of activities .. .like bird watching.....

& stepping out with the best foot forward

Antrix with the backdrop of "Falling Water"-- A house built such that it merged with the surrounding nature

& finally lunch at Ohio Pyle where we dug into watermelons/ sandwitche & salad

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day

Today being Canada's 141st birthday was a national holiday. It was a double "whamy" as the holiday fell in the middle of the week, and with Monday sandwiched between the weekend and Canada day -- that too was almost a day off.

With azzure blue skies and 26 degree bright sunshine, Antrix and me decided to attempt a long range kayaking trip from Port Credit to the CN tower. We launched from Snug harbour but as soon as we hit the open lake, the choppy waters made the going pretty tough. We plouged through the slightly chilly waters and watched the bow of the kayak dip repeatedly and break the waves. Some of the high waves washed over into the cockpit and it makes me more determined to buy a skirt. Approx 1.5hrs later saw us opposite Promenade. We parted ways as I headed to the Promenade harbour but Antrix paddled on westwards to the CN tower. I returned to Port Credit and headed up the river in relatively calmer waters right up to the QEW bridge. Approx 3 hrs later a tired Antrix called from a park near Humber river and I drove down to pick him up. Antrix is exhausted and I somehow seem to have got sun burnt. It was a great trip and the sport is getting more and more addictive. In the weeks ahead I see a tussle between Anita and me on how we spend weekends.