Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Driver on the GTA roads

Aayush is the proud holder of a G2 licence. He was able to get this a couple of weeks back but due to my inability of getting a pic of him holding his licence , I had to delay this post.

This also means that I will find the car missing on some evenings and will possibly have some blood pressure issues when he does not return at a "decent"hour. We still need to define "decent". Obviously his decent hour starts around mid night and mine ends around 10 pm. There in itself lies a potential argument ( read discussion). BTW , Anita and me have already had several such "discussions" with Aayush.
Aayush: Drive safe always and we wish you many happy hours of driving

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aayush (son) said...

nicly put'discussions' papa. is 2 years old picture.