Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where is the Captain?

I spoke to my parents in India today who updated me on the election results. It is so nice to hear my father speak on politics. His anguish comes out loud and clear. The Congress party has apparently come out on top as the popular party to take the nation forward. What does that mean to the man on the street and infact to everyone who holds India as something precious and dear to his/ her heart? To me it means that the Manmohan Singh will potentially continue his role as the PM and wil be the one man who has the power to push India to its true potential-- and we all are convinced that India has tremendous potential with its long string of intellectuals who have earned a name for themselves around the world.
This election has no meaning to me unless a true leader steps forward and takes charge. Can we be sure that India will not be victim to another terror attack like 26/11? What policies are in place to avoid another Satyam? How can we ever get rid of corruption in Government offices. How do we ensure every that child gets primary education and health care? How doe we stop Bangladeshi influx into WB? How to account for every man woman and child that represents India? How do we.....

I don't think having an intellectual as a PM will help. Some one who can rally the best subject matter experts to focus on vital issues concerning the nation, is what we need. Some one with a vision who gets every major functionary in the nations governing machinery to converge as per a national vision. Some one to rise above politics and petty sensibilities to address the ultimate goal of a prosperous nation. We need this leader to come take the helm. Some one who can stand on the ramparts of the Red Fort and instill in the people of India that the "best is yet to come"( Ted Rogers' famous words) & show them the way.
Currently we have the ability to staff the boat with a great crew but we lack a Captain.

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