Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lecture @ Univ of Toronto

This Saturday morning I went chasing some PDU's ( Professional Development Units) which is a criteria to retain my certification. This was the second time I did this where a room full of approx 50 PMP aspirants attended the 4hrs lecture. I thoroughly enjoyed myself delivering the presentation but I am not sure about those poor guys.. they sat as a captive audience as I blabbered on & on. For those of you who are keen on a little more detail- the talk was on "Quality Mgmt".
I remembered the time I had attended this lecture as a student many years back and asked the same questions I was asked today -- life comes a full circle!
I hope they make it on the exam. All the best to them..

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Talk on Quality Management----GREAT.Neeraj when you speak,it is so captive -surely no one would have wandered their thoughts,instead would be glued.
All the best to the crowd(students).