Saturday, December 6, 2008

Panera Breads

Panera : Being "almost" vegetarian in Canada is a bit of a problem and it was a pleasent surprise to see a Panera open up near Square One. Pankaj & Shalini had introduced us to Panera breakfasts during many of our visits to the US , so having spied a panera in the neighbourhood , Anita & me drove down in a fair bit of snow for a bite around dinner today. We were immediately impressed with the warm ambiance and subtle lighting. Though predominantly a breakfast joint we relished the soup and sandwich along with some Hazelnut coffee. We would have liked to linger on there but had to hurry back as the kids were locked out ( they had forgotten to take the house keys).

Antrix: Antrix came down forthe weekend today. Having got over some major assignments he seemed a bit relaxed and was happy to be back and looking forward to some home food as well. To make sure he got his fill of home cooking, Anita spent a great deal of time cooking up some delicious things. I believe a cake is on its way tomorrow.

The world has become very IT/ Internet dependent and I could see the helplessness in Antrix who was grappling with a faulty graphics card on his Mac. It was as if he did not know what to do with himself without his laptop. Fortunately a trip to the Apple store at the down town Eaton Center assured him of a replacement within a week. Meanwhile ofcourse he has to make do with some random behaviour on his laptop.

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