Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring is here

This weekend though forecasted to be wet and rainy turned out to be sunny with some great tempteratures( atleast Saturday was). I didn't do what my neighbour does at the first sign of summer -- he starts to wash his cars. Seeing his gleaming cars right through summer does give me a complex but I cannot somehow bring car washing up on my priority list-- it just does not happen. I remember in Noida we had some one do this for us on a daily basis and with the result we had spotless cars (inside and outside). Not many folks invested in this and it was impressive whenever I offered a ride to any one.

The weather was so nice today ,I was contemplating a quick kayaking trip down to Port Credit but I decided against it when I thought of the the icy splashes from the waters. It will take another few weekends to be warm enough to get on to the water.

Up on top you an see Aayush and me in front of our house. The snow has gone but the grass is still brown from its dormancy through winter. The camera is on our car in an auto mode ( our neighbour was washing his car :))


Pankaj said...

With my superior analytic skills I deduce that the car was facing the house and that the camera was on the hood, resulting in the acute angle between the line that is formed by your spines and the frozen ground.

Neeraj said...

Yup! You nailed it.
We thought of standing at an angle but then got a bit muddled on which side to lean. The 10 secs you get was inadequate to take a decision :)