Saturday, August 15, 2009

Confused Recession

1. The Bank of Canada has officially declared that the recession is over.
2. Malls are choker block full with shoppers.
3. Restaurants patio's are overflowing not because of the summer but because the indoors are jam packed
4. Real estate market is HOT HOT HOT. Every offer is getting into a multiple offer situation leading to a sale price exceeding the listed price.
5. Mortgage rates are at rock bottom
6. Workopolis is full of opportunities

1. Layoffs continue across North America
2. The company lunches and team building events are all self funded and NOT company financed.
3. Obama says that there is still ground to cover before the economy is back on track..
4.There is caution in investing

What do you make of this? Are we in recession? Should we be saving our $$'s for a ranier day than the present or should it be business as usual?


Pankaj said...

This question requires a MultiVac (of asimov fame).. but I'd say.. spend your $$$! We want more bloggers like you to pull us out of this glut!

Lawrence said...


1) Bank of Canada do not know the economy of Canada
2) People comes to Mall to enjoy free Air Conditioning during summer, enjoy heat during winter
3) Summmer is always busy for restaurants. Nothing to do with Recession
4) Real estate is hot because people see positive signs for economy. If they don't buy now, they can't afford a single room for next couple of years
5) No comments
6) One bone (requirement), too many dogs (Agencies)

1) They are still finding unskilled people
2) Only in Canada
3) He is a good man but still a politician
4) I agree, nobody wants to loose again and again

Rajeev said...

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Neeraj Tandon said...

I just wrote you an email and sent you my contact #'s as well. Sorry , I was away for the whole of last week and hence the delay..
Lets get in touch now.

shokin said...

Hey NT- congrats and great Bloggoing- wish we could be so open