Saturday, October 3, 2009


I hav'nt written in a long while. I was trying to come up with a reason why that was so. I drew a blank. I guess too many things are happening right now and its difficult to track well in all areas. In the end I am sure the good old NDA training will pay off. Its hard for outsiders to appreciate what those three years did for me-- Those who know, know.


Lawrence said...

No problem, Neeraj.

You should start writing about china-india, india-pakistan issues too in the blog.

Ash said...

Dear Neeraj,

After having joined HCL and being still in the flurry of activities that the book on JInnah by JS has created, I downloaded the Google toolbar and realised that it had stored my bookmarks of sites which I used to visit. I clicked and on scrolling down (N does come a long way down on the alphabetical order) I came on your blog page. That's how I have seen the recent round of events in your life.

In order, not necessarily chronological:
Congrats - Aayush moves on to the next stage in life.
Congrats - On acquiring 6561.
Congrats - Nassau to most of us remains a part of 'fiction' read - we saw a bit through your photographs
Noel - your summation was poignant and palpable with a warmth which would have reached him in the Valhalla.
Oct 03 entry - Yes those of us who have been through NDA know what you mean; I have a slight edge - six months more but then I gained 400 more coursemates. Imagine having over 700 NDA coursemates to whom 'Ashwini Channan' can bring in a flicker of recognition.
Diwali beckons at the end of the week. Delhi literally crawls as hordes and hordes of vehicles laden with gifts criss-cross the metropolitan of the National Capital Region and the markets are all bustle with a gaiety that is all too familiar and so traditional. Modern India co-exists with its past reassuringly most comfortably. The India you know awaits you when you come in Feb next year and so do we - you will have to carve out some time for us.

And thus Neeraj and Anita - all of us here and the mate in Oz, lets let the festive season embrace us all and joyous greetings envelope our lives with love and affection.

Inshallah to all that.


Anonymous said...
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