Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Will Ford drive to Moscoe or drive out Moscoe?

This morning while driving to work , I put on the "John Oakley Show" on AM 640. Normally I am plugged into an audio book but on an impulse I decided to check what else was on in the world besides the volcanic ash. John was on the air interviewing Howard Moscoe. For those not in the know Howard has been a city councillor for over a decade and is known for biting off more than he can chew. This morning he went the extra mile to stay in that league. I heard him say that the city councillors had hired a consultant for 50 grand of the tax payers money to confirm that the councillors who already earn a few $ shy of 100 grand a year, needed a raise in their wages. To be fair to the councillors I believe one can re phrase the objective for this consultant in many ways but what does a consultant "you"hire do??-- they WILL say you deserve a raise -- thats a no brainer. And then going along that same lines one tends to ask ones self as to how do councillors get to decide to spend 50 grand just to determine if they need a raise. I, and I guess most of us will have serious concerns on how our tax $$s are being (mis)managed in the hands of our councillors. Mr Moscoe ofcourse was oblivious of the fact that what the councillors were doing, was ridiculous.

Another aspect that struck me was who supervises these councillors?? It seems no one. Except for radio programmes like the one I was on -- The councillors seem to be splurging with abandon with what seems to be a clean conscience. If you ever decide to run for office, make sure you have killed and buried your conscience somewhere along the way. That makes me wonder as to how will Rob Ford survive his Mayorial years-- my vote is on him. I hope he wins and drives OUT the likes of Moscoe.

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