Saturday, May 29, 2010

Renu & Kulu- 25th Anniv

On May 23, 2010 , Friends and Family converged onto Waterloo for Renu & Kulu's 25th wedding anniv. The venue was Zeeks.. their family run restaurant which they have managed so efficiently for the last few years. More on that later & now back to the anniv. Our ties go back 25 years when their wedding anniv preceded ours by two days and Renu and Anita go back even further to their high school years. Our lives took a divergent path till they decided to come to Canada in 2005. Prior to that in the non email era we mostly got away with attempts at telepathy and rare telephone calls. When they landed in Canada we were in touch right away and it was so heartening to see them get going almost right away. They scoured the area for a business of their choice and homed onto a winner. Today as I see them pull into our drive way in one of their snazzy cars-- one can easily say that they have well and truly "arrived" .

Renu & Kulu: Many Happy Returns of the Day. Congratulations for the great partnership and for raising two superb sons. Here's hoping to see you grow & prosper even more with happiness and health when we congregate for your 50th.

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renu said...

Thanks a Ton for including us in your Blog.Beautifully Written.Looking forward to your Celbration now.