Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On way to Allahabad

We took an impromtu decision to make a road trip to Allahabad on Nov 30th. The distance is approx 200kms from Lucknow and the incentive was to meet my Uncles/ Aunties and their families. My parents were ecsatic as they had been planning to make this trip on their own for quite some time. The road condition was better than I expected ( my parents thought otherwise). We stopped for lunch at Badhoi and dug into sandwiches and some terrible tea. The trip took 5 hrs and we enjoyed every bit of it. As I drove , i observed rural India. Though the markets were full the living conditions were what they were 40 yrs back. The dust , squalor and the hygenie conditions were what they were which was saddening but it felt wonderfull just driving through the places I had once been as a child.

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