Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This is addressed to all of SODE 51 ...

I figured I could not sneak away from India without meeting Colonel.. soo ..I drove seemingly for ever in my quest to reach the USI offices where the colonel was 'holed' up. To my surprise Mona was there too and they immediately sat me down for lunch at the USI and hence missed Mona's paratha's with butter ( rememberances from the SODE days) Colonel looked the same with his characterestic laugh & I quickly informed him that he ought to look more sterner as a CSO to be able to screw the shit out of the OC1's.
I was also able to meet briefly with Pai outside sena bvn canteen ,who did look like an ideal CSO ( huge blue berret & SD/ raybans and just the right amount of grey to suggest seniorty). Inspite of my best efforts to impress Pai he did find me as disorganized as ever as he looked on while i frantically searched in my car for the CSD cards/ wallet and all other things ( including my camera -- hence no pic) that suddenly seemed to have vanished ). I am sure he walked away thinking this is one guy "we" did well to keep away from the army.
Harry , was another one I could reach at Shimla. He informed me that he had not got around to Golf as yet. In view of your possible move to Cal, Harry-- you may want to try the Fort Williams Golf course--I did & I loved it.

...to all you Brig's, once you get to your appointed places of work-- put your noses down and lets see some great results & for the others -- hope you are having fun!! The new year is around the corner -- so happy holidays and best wishes for the new year.

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