Monday, June 8, 2009

Fauji Kids

I got this in an email .. seemed very appropriate.


1. You were born in a Military Hospital
2. Half your toddler years were spent being looked after by Bhaiyas ( no
explanation here)
3. You went to school either on Bhaiya's cycle or in a Shaktiman
4 .You know what a shaktiman is. ( No! it isnt the TV serialabout half man
and half machine starring AB lookalike)
5. Jeeps & Jongas dont excite you - they were your regular mode of
6 .The only alternative to the Central School was the Army School.
7. You always called Kendriya Vidyalaya Central School. Gosh even today
that sounds better!
8. Your entire family could survive in one room temporary quarters with
25 trunks, wooden crates, the dog, the bedroll and two bhaiyas flitting
9. The smell of Brasso & shoe polish was regular staple.
10 .Mess was not what you created in your room, it was where you went
every Friday for the free "english" movie.
11 .The "English Movie" was very often a western and you couldnt follow a
word! Sometimes you just went for the samosas and the local
drink that they insisted was Cola.
12. At the end of the month your dad had to pay for many pink slips
showing how many samosas and local drinks that they insisted was
Cola you had consumed. They never missed any!!!
13. You attended many May Queen Balls before you knew what Miss India was.
14 .Your mother regularly got dressed, perfumed and dissappeared for the
Ladies Club.
15 .You knew towns like Mhow, Wellington, Deolali and Bhuj
16 You werent a millionaire but hey you had Swimming, Horse Riding,
Squash, Tennis and Golf!!
14. You thought the main reason to have a Golf Course was to have a Holi
15. You can still take one quick look at the epaulets and figure out the
16. You discussed wednesday's Chitrahaar in the Shaktiman.
17 .You can still recall the special & particular smell of the CSD canteen!
A special prize for the correct concoction - mine is - it was a mix of
Hamam Soap, Ponds Dreamflower Talc & Surf i think. In some corners it had
overtures of Brooke Bond red Label as well.
18. Your vacations were a package deal consisting of D-forms, Sharma Uncle
Ka jonga and Army Mess ka kamra.


Pankaj said...

Ha.. that is so well written! Did you write it yourself, Neeraj? If not, then the person who wrote this was certainly from our generation!

I can identify with all except, maybe number 16. Chitrahaar was certainly not my favorite show!

I also just figured out that Central School was a literal translation of Kendriya Vidyla! Central School was so ingrained in me!
And I can almost SMELL # 17!

I wonder if Aayush and Antrix can identify with these too? Write your thoughts, kids!


aayush said... chacha we can relate to it mostly.
1:lucknow army hospital i think
2:ye i was.. i can remember one name -- sugar singh..
3:ye mostly
4:i guessed wrong..papa just told me what it was.

I'm not going through all of them..
but mostly

OM said...

Its like going down memory lane with lots of like minded people and experiences.You could add the picnics in 3tonners with all the kids bundled in.