Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunshine + blue skies + right temp = Kayaking

With Anita at work, Ant & Aay not able to make it, I headed out to the lake. The water was a bit muddy but the water front activity was in full swing. It is the first week of Jun so it was not surprising at all. Rowers, kayakers, anglers and just a lot of people on the water front confirms the summer is in and everyone is making the most of every minute of sunshine.

... but on the other side of the world.. its a different story. My mother called this morning and told us how hot it was in Lucknow. This planet is so small when viewed from outer space but on this planet the climate varies so much that life styles have given rise to cultures that make this world so different. View this from a point on this earth and it is not difficult to imagine but if you were an astronaut on board the space shuttle -- it gives you a different perspective.

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Pankaj said...

Looks reeeeeeal good!
Can't wait to visit you this summer! We will LIVE on the water... who needs the house!