Monday, September 7, 2009

Aayush leaves for the University of Waterloo

It was a momentous day for Aayush. The day he officially starts life on his own (to an extent).There would be no more parental nagging to tidy up/ get up/ go to sleep /shower/ do his home work... this could go on & on. From this day on he makes his own choices (to an extent..:))

You can see him in the pic on top standing next to the van all loaded up just before we drove him to Waterloo

He started his day by staying with his best friend "Young" and judging by the fact that they were inseperable over the last 5 years -- it must be tough on both of them to arrive at this fork in their lives and experience the feelings of going their seperate ways.

Early in the day we played tennis @ Frank Mckenie. Aayush smashed me 6-0 ( I had the racquet with broken strings). Not sure when we will play next -- the good thing is that with a 6-0 loss I can only get better -- I have hit rock bottom.

The days leading to his departure for the univ were spent on chosing or discarding all the little pieces of trivia / books and clothes that have been part of his schoooling and teenage life so far. His small room was strewn with cartons which needed to be packed.. I could make out that it was not an easy job as he sifted through years of "stuff" each one bringing back some memories and then having to make a decision to retain or discard...

Later in the day when we dropped him at Beck hall, he was whisked away by the students and staff who got him involved with the initiation activities. Anita, Ant & me tinkered around in his room trying to set it up -- which we did but I later wondered if Aayush had any inkling of what had been so carefully stowed where in his new room. Like he said as he rushed off-- " I will figure it out with common sense..." and was gone

Hopefully we have guided him well so that he can stand confidently on his own in a world that is bound to present him with his fair share of challenges and opportunities.
Good luck Aayush!!


premkamal said...

Dear Neeraj and Anita,
We are very happy to see Aayush moving to higher stage of learning.This achievement has been due to your systematic and correct guidence in his career. With our blessings and wish him very happy stay in his new house of learning.
Baba and Dudda

Lawrence said...

Good luck, Aayush.

There will be more crocodiles, alligators on the way. Life is never been comfortable.

God's grace,Discipline and good education will always guide (I know you have these) you. All the best.

Note: Neeraj, you don't have to keep the line "( I had the racquet with broken strings)". you are not in college.

Pankaj said...

Neeraj, I'll congratulate Aayush separately but for now: YDM! Good job on raising such a wonderful young man!
When's the next cruise? No need to check the kids schedule!!