Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ever Take a Real Vacation...??

Last week we took a cruise vacation to the Bahamas on board the Majesty of The Seas

These ships are monsters - actually floating cities stacked 14 decks high with pools, shopping arcades, resturants, tons of sporting activities and more importantly -- bars in every nook and cranny

Here is Antrix trying to do a Daniel Craig,,,,

& then Aayush gave it a shot too

Anita found a picture perfect shot for herself at Coco-Cay-- I swear I have seen this in a calender somewhere before.

Back on board the Majesty of the Seas, I did some rock climbing ..( please note that I reached the top and rang the bell-- a round of applause please!!

Aayush and I did some para-sailing on Key-West

We also cycled past the Hemingway House-- Remember Ernest Hemingway of the "Old man & the Sea" fame. The house is cozily tucked away in Key West on Whitehead street

& finally we stood at the Southern most tip of the US before we took the ship back to Miami

Some stupid questions that first time cruisers asked of the staff on board
1. Stupid Q: Where does the electricity on the ship come from
Stupid A: There is a cable running from all the way from Miami to the ship...

2 Stupid Q: Do these stairs go up or down
Stupid A: ?!

3.Stupid Q: Where do the staff sleep while at sea
Stupid A: We fly them in on shifts from Miami

For anyone not initiated into the world of cruising-- take one -- I gaurantee you , you will be hooked. We cannot wait to take our next cruise.


Lawrence said...

Stupid Q: What if a whale tries to swallow the cruise?
Stupid A: We play by the book

You may want to put one of your Son in Bollywood. Competition to John Abraham?

Pankaj said...

Beautiful pics! Looks like you had a great time!
What was the Hemmingway house like?

Neeraj Tandon said...

I tried to imagine him writing the "Old man and the sea" sitting in that house. There is such a lot of fishing "stuff" that is happening around Key West that the book is so apt for that place.