Monday, September 3, 2012

Europe 2012

The pics below walk you through some parts of our European vacation... ROMA
That’s me next to the lamp post of the forgotten tourist – There is’nt any such pole but I decided to name one at the start of our Roman Holiday. Italy has so many monuments for their soldiers & Leaders – I named one
... Anita standing on the cobbled stoned streets of Rome looking absolutely smashing
Anita, Antrix & Aayush looking cool… the pillar in the background is in the heart of the ancient city of Rome
Anita & I on the steps of one of the many monuments that adorn the City
& since we are always taught to “give back” – WE decided to adorn the steps in return
This is at the Trevi Fountains.. very beautiful and very crowded
.. a short tea break .. the tea tasted good & so was the ambieance.
Aayush at the Pantheon .. a young man in front of an old building
That’s Pegasus ( the flying horse) on the right and Octavius blowing the conch… I just made that up – I really don’t know who these are but they looked impressive at the Trevi Fountain
Piazza Novona -- great place -- excellent Beer!
hmm.. not as formidable as i thought..
on way to the tomb of the forgotten soldier ( in the background) .. I recollect a major coverage on this on the Indian media of not having something similar …. The trees in the middle ground seem to be cousins of the African Acacia trees—they looked beautiful
The two Italian Naval sailors who stood guard at the tomb of the Forgotten Soldier .. umm I guess the folks who have a military eye will know what is un-soldierly here .. there is a flame that burns at the base of the brass wreath. Inside there were corners devoted to the infantry, cavalry and the supply corps of the Roman Army. I looked for Signals – I seriously did but alas…!!
just us .. we cut out the background
.. the first sight of the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and the Coliseum beyond..
..many moons ago the Roman Empire was governed from these very grounds..
.. the Coliseum from the inside.. we were told that the missing flooring had trap doors from which men(slaves) and beasts were released for mortal combat.. those were barbaric times
& thats Rogers billing me for international Roaming...under the arch of umm .. Octavian ( does it matter)? Next .. the Vatican..& Pompei


Jitendra said...

Hats off to both Anita and you... you folks never seem to change, great to see the kids rather youngsters its been a long time since we have met them in person and yes wonderful photos thanks for sharing.



Nice pics.....vacation has begun,eagerly waiting for the next tour with ur thoughtful comments.

Pankaj said...

Hi Neeraj,
Great pics. I specially liked the one of the colleseum (spl) with the underground passages!.

But I missed the pic of yours in a robe, a tablet and laurels!
(My only knowledge of Rome is from reading Asterix comics :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures of Rome wich has monuments of ancient culture.
Antriksh and Aayush must have enjoyed and learned a lot about the history of
great city.
our best wishes and love.
papa and ma

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