Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Amalfi Coast

By far the most scenic and beautiful spot I have visited so far-- The Amalfi Coast
This is a scene I stared at for quite some time and then again at dawn as the sun came up.. words cannot do justice
its an hours boat ride from Sorrento di Piano to Amalfi (pronounced Amaa-lffi) on the Tyrrhenian sea coast- some excellent pics are now on my hard drive-- come over to see more..
this is the central plaza in Amalfi -- a very cheery and beer-ie place-- lots of patio's to eat on
-- the entrance to the central market area in Amalfi-- the sea on the south and the plaza to the North
some where between the hotel and the central plaza.. a nice walk..
.. the Italians really know how to make their pizza's-- we ate a lot of them and for once just ignored the voice of caution-- we were on a vacation.. ..next > Venice OR is this enough?



Neeraj ofcourse more should come,tour not over.By the way the pizza looks very tempting.
Amalffi surely is very scenic.

premkamal said...

Pictures taken during Amalfi visit
are like admiring the natural surroundings and watching a delecious Pizza displaced and a
chance to eat it too.
Our best wishes and looking forward
more to see.
papa ma

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