Friday, October 3, 2008


There comes a time in your life that you suddenly realize that your son is now grown up and he needs to be treated differently. The norms of checking him on every trivial issue and monitoring his every move now becomes stifling to a fledgling teenager. While he is trying desperately to break out of his "childish" image , we the parents try and hold on to the protective role that we have had all along. This role I realize now has to change to that of an advisor or a friend. The difference is subtle and its all in the way you approach the subject. Its kinda difficult for Anita and me to change but as Aayush very wisely put it -- We ( both Aayush & us ) needed to be strong to face this challenge. Who ever said parenting was difficult when the kids were toddlers-- the real test is when they get into their teens. seeing it from this angle I am both excited and a bit apprehensive as we slip into this new mode of parenting.

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Prem Kamal said...

Neeraj we well realize the problem both u and Anita are facing these days. this has not been with u alone we too have undergone . with this situation But definitely those days were different, as exposure was not much and kids could be moulded the way we wanted. Wishing u the best in your effort. Ma Papa