Sunday, October 19, 2008


The festival of KarwaChauth fell very appropriately on Fri, Oct 17th. I was able to get away early from work and ferry the four lovely ladies (top pic) to the temple. They were on the last leg of their fast and dressed in their finery and beautifully decorated "thalis" we arrived at the temple. The rush at the temple was unbelievable. It was as if we were in India. It is hard to believe that there are so many Indian families here in Mississauga/ Brampton. Due to the rush we ( Mukesh & me )never got to the inner sanctum of the temple where the main ceremony was held and only the ladies made it there. ( Kulu should have been with Mukesh & me but he got away on some dubious mission of his own)

Later that night after the moon rose at 8.03pm ( those 3 minutes need to be mentioned as at that stage of the fast every second counts ) , we drove to a park where Renu & Anita did their "puja". Due to the cold and the strong wind the puja was done from the shelter of the car. We then returned home & shared a sumptuous meal with Kulu & Renu to wind up the evening and a significant festive occasion.

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kamal said...

Karwa chauth is one of the most beautiful festival in woman's life . It shows how loving and caring a woman can be. The pictures taken depict the same feeling of love and togetherness for life . May God bless u and may u be observing this fast through out your life. . Ma Papa.