Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tennis on the Thanksgiving Weekend

The weather was just right for Aayush and me to head out for possibly one of the last tennis sessions of the year. (We had asked Antariksh the evening before and he informed us that he would be upto his neck swamped with work & hence could not make it back with us for the long weekend).Normally when Aayush and I play tennis, we just rally around and get away with double bounces and feel that we are playing very well, but today we played a set. Aayush floored me with a 6-2 win. Great going Aayush!! I was very impressed with Aayush's tennis skills. We have another session planned for tomorrow - I am hoping to set the record straight :) - not very likely given his current form and his killer forehand.
PS: I forgot the camera again -- these images are from my BB camera and hence hazy

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premkamal said...

Aayush has taken the first step in beating his father is a matter of great satisfaction towards his right learning. We wish him the best.
Papa and Ma