Sunday, April 5, 2009


I wrote this some time back but did not realize that I had not published it.....

ADD......That's Attention Deficit Disorder, not ADD as in arithmetics. Over the last few weeks I was convinced that I had it. The inability to stay focused. This weekend I decided to give it the litmus test. I had set myself a clear aim of sorting out my documents--the mounds of paper just piled on my desk in my den which needed filing or discarding. Every time I approached the task I found myself being side tracked into surfing the net or running off to the basement to fetch my tool set (why cant they have homes all on one floor like in India?) or just stopping by the fridge for a quick snack and ( since I was snacking ) checking "what else is on TV" while I devoured the junk.

Today, Sunday was different. I decided to forgo my jog in a beautiful 11 deg celcius weather to sort out my desk-- Anita was down with a running cold and while I did my bit of trying to give her fluids and fruit and saline water , she kept me at arms length, so that I would not get the "bug". I then decided to give my ADD a test. As I eyed my over burderend desk of papers , Antrix came up on Skype from Kyoto. He filled me in on the absolutely beautiful world that he was living in and we chatted for some time. He told me of this concept of capsule hotels in Japan-- what a concept. I then took the laptop over to Anita who was sniffling away in bed ( there are bugs all over my keybrd now)-- so that she could chat while I could get back to my "task". As I snuck away -- Anita demanded tea. Off I went to make some tea. Now team making in our home is a "process" First you microwave the water, milk and tea bag with ginger for 3 mins, then you wait an indefinite time and then re microwave it for a shorter time. Then you strain the tea bag and add just the right amount of sugar ( more for me and less for Anita) and serve the tea with "Brittania cookies". As tea as most of you know is a social thing & hence it is never consumed in isolation, so it was back for tea with Anita..

Once tea was done, I bounded back to my desk and had just about got the first few papers stacked correctly when there was a call for breakfast....
I guess you get the drift. Wheather it was ADD or just the fact that there are multiple things happening at the same time in our usually quiet home , completing simple tasks at home has become quite challenging.

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