Wednesday, April 1, 2009


For almost two years or maybe more ,every morning we jogged past each other. He on his side of the road and I on my side. A friendly nod or a wave was given and acknowledged. We jogged on .. to take on the challenges of the day ahead of us. We did not exchange a single word -- ever. I had secretly named him the 'nodder'. The name was given because of the way he nodded his head while he ran. It was very peculiar and I looked for the nodder every day. Sometimes my wave did not catch his eye and i would wave again .. I had to have to have the acknowledgement. i could not pass him with out that wave or nod being reciprocated. Then for almost a year/ six months I did not see him -- maybe he changed his beat or maybe he moved. There was no way I would have known..I missed the 'nodder'

Today, after so many months -- I suddenly saw the 'nodder' again. He was not jogging he was walking & that too with a limp. Without a thought I crossed the road and greeted him. The joy in seeing each other was mutual. We spent the next several mins exchanging names , addresses and such preliminary info that normally should have been known to us. The jog was forgotten and a friend was made. It came out that he had had an accident and fractured his thigh. He had been in a cast and now the meds had allowed him a short walk. He indicated where he lived and I revealed where my home was located. With both of us needing to get back we parted company feeling very nice and happy.

Tomorrow, when I cross him , should I jog past with the normal wave or should I cross the road to say hello again?? Not sure what i will do -- i will probably "go with the wind"

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