Thursday, April 2, 2009

The "Purse"

Ever noticed a lady's purse? I mean really noticed it? -- and I ask this of the guys! She treats it as something VERY personal. It has all the nick knacks that one would need while on the go. You need a clip & she will produce it. Pens/ scribble pads/ stickies/ rubber bands/ loose change ( all in a nice little bag) , comb, sticky tape, glue.... besides ofcourse all the girly stuff that is strictly "hands off" for us guys. When I got married, I had this habbit of never carrying a wallet and since I was expected to pay the bills now, I talked Anita into carrying my wallet in her purse. In those initial years you can swing anything & so my seemingly innocent but "laden" request went through without a ruffle. Up until very recently my wallet resided there( in her purse) -- easily reachable and yet avoiding me the agony of sitting on it on long drives, had I had to carry it in my hip pocket.

Over the years I have found my own "purse". My laptop bag. The bag goes where I go and it bears my precious "stuff". My swiss army knife (its quite a weapon) , BB cable, reading glasses, sunglasses and ofcourse my wallet. I have been trying to get my camera into the bag but it is a bit too bulky to find a home in the bag.From time to time some other little pieces of temporary interest find their way into my laptop bag but then get jettisoned as soon as they finsih their role.

There is only one thing that bugs me about the ladys purse. It is how women tend to carry their cell phones. When you want to reach them 90% of the time all you will get is their VM. You see the cell phone is usually in the purse and the purse is under the chair in another room. The litmus test to check for an efficeint woman is to see how she carries her phone-- if it is hitched to her belt or on her person -- put her down as "efficeint"-- if the phone is in her bag, - dont even bother leaving her a VM. ( Anita has hers hitched to her belt 24/7 -- well not 24/7 but atleast 10/7)
BTW: apologies for the poor pics on top -- I was lazy clicking them ( which is what I should have done) & simply took them off the net-- not very efficient eh!

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