Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Yesterday's Earth Hour came and went. In spite of my willingness to add my bit towards saving planet earth, I failed. I simply forgot. At the stroke of 8.30pm local time I was behind a wheel, driving as fast as i could, East on Eglington Ave, trying my best to make it on time to a friends dinner. As I recollect now the roads were pretty deserted and I made good progress. When I returned, my son asked me if I had remembered and i sheepishly had to say "no". I made a call half way around the world,to India, and my parents told me that they had barely any power the whole day. It was quite possible that the power outage at 8.30pm local in India could have coincided with the Earth hour.

Later at night I scoured the Internet to see how the Earth Hour had been observed around the world. Most pictures ran the standard "before & after" and though there was a marked difference in the quantity of light that was turned off, I could not help but feel guilty that I too could have been part of the movement had I stopped by the road side and did what was right.

How many of you reading this blog, remembered?