Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today I drove down to the other side of the GTA to have coffee with my friend Raju. We do this every 35 years & I am hoping we can step up the frequency a bit now that I know where he is is "holed" up. Raju whom we all knew as Aloo in the academy, managed to slip under the radar and without anyone even getting wind of his move, he disappeared. Like most of us who leave our digital imprints all over, Aloo left no tracks/ signs & it was only due to the super sleuth Deeen ( DN Gupta) who tracked him down and put me on to him. Raju, armed only with his "gunner credentials" and an attitude that is worth a million, worked his way up diligently like a good immigrant and in his own characteristic easy laid back way has built a life for himself and his family in this distant land.
We spent the evening catching up on common friends and how life had treated us in the last three decades. There was only one down side ...Raju, that coffee was way to sweet .. ( anyone recollect when one visited remote posts in the field, the quantity of the sugar in the coffee was supposed to denote how welcome you were...)

Looking fwd to that lunch in Brampton, Raju.

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