Tuesday, March 16, 2010


A few days back we got involved in making a will. While I was reviewing it to ultimately sign it -- here is a "gem that i came across....
Can you make sense of it? Read from the top of the page to the second last line ending with the word "duties". ( Double click on the image to read the text)That is part of a will -- God alone knows when the will needs to be executed what sense it will make to those entitled. What kind of grammar is this-- Iam sure none of us ever learnt anything like this. Who ever heard of a sentence which goes for half a page.Only the lawyers can keep their focus on what the initial part of the sentence said as it takes you through its loops and turns. When the sentence eventually ends you are glad it ended, never mind it made no sense. The relief is short lived as the next sentence is almost as bad , if not worse. Do you know what really bugs me -- they give you this drivel and ask you to pay for it as well. Remember all those lawyer bashing jokes-- go for it guys-- leave no stone unturned-- the murkier the better.
Take a look at the cartoon below-- makes you want to take a swing at them-- right?


Ash said...

You know yesterday I was with a Supreme Court advocate and had marvelled how they could read the dull, insipid prose. It was his reasoning that legal language is all about covering loopholes.

I realised that when I clicked on the image and read that long winding sentence.

Pankaj said...

Hey Neeraj,
I just caught up with your blog.. Niiiice going!
I too have produced a will using a software package.. just didn't read it. I figured reading it will contribute to my early(ier) demise!

I think that these lawyers charge so much because they too need to be compensated to sift thru this drivel!