Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Internet Shopping

Anita wanted me to buy some India suits for her on my trip here. She gave me some detailed specs but I was quite unsure of what she needed. Ever tried to complete this type of job successfully. It is a difficult task so I walked into some prospective shops and started clicking the attractive manequins on display. The pics ( 8) with prices were emailed to Anita whom I asked to select. The ones she selected are displayed above. When you see her wearing them -- you will know the effort involved which went into buying them.


pat said...

Hey Neeraj,
This is great! I am amazed at the places and people that you have visited in such a short time!


jz.sinr said...

Great idea summing up your India visit, Sir.
Good to hear about your trip-

jz.sinr said...
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