Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Trip to India- Nov 21- Dec 08

Flight A-188 Toronto- Birmingham- Amritsaaaar...-----New Delhi ( Whew!!!)

As the day arrived to leave Toronto I was brimming with eagerness-- I had been away for 3.5 yrs from India & suddenly I was actually returining to my roots. We ( my mother-in-law & me)boarded the flight and soon realized we were in for an uncomfy time as the seats were really cramped. Some back and forth with the Air India staff saw Mummy slightly more comfortable in the staff seating area. I later realized that had I even attempted to use my rudimentry Punjabi, the task would have been easier. Besides being subject to intolerable 3hrs delays in Birmingham and Amritsar and body cramping in the economy class , we were served dinner at 2am and Breakfast at 12 noon (Toronto time), our bodies took a thorough "bashing" which normally results in what is called as " Jet Lag". When we landed at IGI ( 5 hrs late) I was all set to kiss the tarmac ( like the Pope) not only because of the happiness of seeing India but the sheer joy of deplaning.

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