Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Call from Down Under

A few days back I got a call from an old friend. A "friend", is putting it mildly. When you go through 3 years of NDA the relationship can only be understood by the word "buddy". Its been 30 years since we had sat side by side through academic classes in NDA while we tried to fight off sleep and hunger as some of our instructors tried to impart some knowledge to our dulled brains. Today in hindsight I believe they were successful as we seem capable of handling most of lives problems adequately. Just goes to show that if you have some one droning on & on to your sub-conciuos mind, the message goes through.
But that is not what I wanted to write about. It was the value of the call I got from my friend EBSV Saradhi. He is now known as Vijay Eyunni. It is as if EBSV took on a new identity after he immigrated to Australia. Typical of Vijay he kept me on a guessing game when he called and inspite of my scrapping my memory I could not nail him down. Our conversation went way back to the mid seventies and the "blip" of a year that we spent in IMA, the friends we grew up with and lost track off till the Internet came along & it seems to have brought all of us back together. Some of us are on facebook, most on the course yahoo group but a few can only be contacted by the POT( Plain old tele). As name after name came up for discussion it was incredible how we could recollect every fine detail of events long gone. I can imagine similar conversations between the many names we remembered and what a thrill it must have been for them as it was for us. I believe in Dec of 2008 there was a Diamond Jublee celebration at NDA. I would have loved to be there but geographical challenges prevented such a trip.
Anyways for those who havent seen the ex Gurkha lately-- there he is on top , without his Khukri looking lean & mean ( well maybe not that lean) as he takes on some sort of a Martial Arts stance...

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