Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pankaj/ Shalini visit Feb 2009

Pankaj/ Shalini , Neel & Niki drove up from Pitts this weekend. Their trip was long overdue and we all looked forward to it. Canada is on a long weekend on account of "Family Day" on Feb 16, while the US has Presidents Day and they too have a long weekend ( atleast for the kids schools) . We did what we love doing together - ie going out for breakfast. Very appropriately "Panera" has opened shop very near square one and that was the obvious choice. During the day all of us spent some time at the Y playing squash and a streatch of walking/jogging on the indoor track. Late at night we took in a movie-- "' Jane do, Jane Na" -pretty nice and strongly recommended for family viewing. As the weather was still pretty cold for any out door activity we spent time on a board game interspread with some great food that Anita had pre prepared in anticipation of their visit.

I am looking forward to their visit this summer when we can do some kayaking..

Here is Pankaj enjoying an Orange ( not in pic) after a game of squash. As per him this is what he loved to do whan he came to the US many moons ago.

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