Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb 12: Aayush's Birthday

Today is Aayush's birthday. We started the birthday as has been customary every year with a small cake cutting ceremony at midnight. This was accompanied by calls from India & Japan. Actually we had already had a small cake cutting ceremony on the night( Feb 4) Antrix left for Japan . In the evening Anita organized a surprise party for Aayush. We requested Young to muster three other friends at 7 pm this evening. We organized some choclate cake and pizzas for the boys but I am not too sure his friends had not let the cat out of the bag and the surprise was not really a surprise. In the pic just above you can see from left to right -- Young, Aayush, Sayed and Sid. The pic in the middle is Anita thinking Aayush is still as small as he is in the snap right on top-- alas!!
Happy Birthday Aayush -- hope the year ahead brings you lots of good tidings, health and happiness.

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