Saturday, February 21, 2009

Milldog Sluminore

Last night we eventually saw the movie. I felt a bit confused when the movie got over and as is customary, we asked each other if we had liked the movie. Anita did not like it. I liked it but I was not happy with it. While it was a great story and every one does love a rags to riches story but the way India has been depicted is what holds me back from backing this movie in full . In a way, it was the truth but it is difficult to allow the rest of the world to see India in that light.
One change in the story I would have liked is for Latika to have answerd the Three Musketeer question correctly. Dont ask me why-- but that is the way I would have liked the story to have ended as against the guess that Jamal resorted to. Afterall is'nt the story line about Jamal using his life's story to address the questions??
Aayush who joined us at the fag end of the movie was so captivated with the movies final question climax that he ended up seeing the movie all over again from the start.
Definitely worth seeing!! but just for the record ---It does not beat "Wednesday"


Supriya said...

completely agree with u uncle...despite the brilliant direction and all it does leave a slight bad taste in your mouth..maybe reality but still not something you'd want the world to know..

Pankaj said...

OK.. Neeraj.. you beat me to it! But.. you echo my thoughts.. with a nuance of a difference that only brothers can have ;)
I think this was a good movie but Oscar-worthy only because of it's shock-value to the rest of the world and, I daresay, the urbanized middle class of India (of which I consider myself an erstwhile product :)
And altho I adore Mr. Rehman's work, I cannot understand what was Oscar worthy about the music in THIS movie.

Anyway... Now, to level the playing field, let's wait for some influential director from the west to make an equally gripping movie about the good things of *modern* India. I emphasize "modern" because there is enough about the grand-old days of India that is laudable; finding something to brag about in today's India and weave it into a pleasing crowd puller.. that will be truly Oscar-worthy!