Sunday, June 24, 2007

Antrix's Admission to the Univ of Waterloo

This post is approx a month late but neverthless due ...

Antrix was able to secure a much coveted seat at the Univ of Waterloo , Dept of Architecture at Cambridge, ON. During the "Open House" the director informed us that Antrix is one of the 72 successfull students out of 1600 applicants , 70 % of whom were girls-- I guess that makes us proud parents and Antrix very happy ( all for the right reasons!!)

The Univ is loacted in the city of Galt ( Reminds me of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand) which looked so peaceful and serene when we drove in the last time that it is hard to imagine that the city is home to a substantial amount of young students -- perhaps they make you work so much that it ensure that the city retains its serenity ( Antrix-- its just a deduction!!)

We were able to find Antrix suitable "digs" located minutes away from the campus. Luckily Antrix was able to meet up with Matin , an Iranian co-student who shares similar musical tastes and we (the parents )prompltly found them adjacent rooms in a house shared by four other Chinese girls ( more reason to be happy..)

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rajni said...

CONGRATS ANTRIX (once again)
Antrix, papa has something up his sleeve.
He seems to be more excited--obviously for the right reasons.
Do not be surprised if papa calls on u more often(caution)