Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cherry Season

Our two Cherry trees have borne us so much fruit this year that it is hard to keep up either in picking or consuming them . I think we over did the fertilizer last year that big dark red cherries now hang waiting to be picked.

All of us have taken turns in picking till we either got bored / tired of picking but there seems to be no end to it. Bowls of Cherries lie around the kitchen and all of us grab a few every time we pass by-- its a healthy life style

Any one reading -- please drop by -- we would love to share a bowl with you ( Dont let Aayush hear of this invitation-- he plans to eat them all by himself)


rajni said...

WOW! the cherries sure are tempting.
Aayush---keep an eye on your nani,cherries are her favourite.
You have competition in her.

Ash said...


Silence reigns over the whole month of July. Work load? Or is it summertime - hikes, picnics etc. Rajiv Mata too has joined the lot that imposes a pensionary burden on the exchequer.