Sunday, June 10, 2007

Jun 09-10-- Mummy is here

The main attraction this week was the arrival of my Mother-in-law on Fri Jun 08.

The aircraft was 1 hr late and that sent Anita into a frenzy. Rajni was tracking the Air India flt from Delhi and Anita from Toronto. If the CIA/FBI had been tracking the number of hits on the Air India website they would probaly have thought it to be a possible "you know what" . Before I forget -- the late arrival was due to two Indian politicians who could not make it to the airport in time and held up the entire flight. Our country never changes....

Anyway Mummy arrived in good shape. Thanks to all the help from Bina bhabhi & Ajit bhai . Ajit bhai recieved her inside the aircraft ( just shows we are getting to be "some one" in Toronto :)) and brought her out.Her inability to converse in English was responsible to propel her through the customs.. so the next time you need to smuggle in that new iPhone/ some such device-- just follow Mummy's example & say " NO English" . BTW Mummy did manage to smuggle in her bottle of "achar"-- much to the happiness of Aayush & Antariksh-- ( happy mathi eating)

Mummy has taken the jet lag well -- (just a few snores through her TV serials and conversations)and we have been making her walk as much as possible without turning into slave drivers.

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