Sunday, June 10, 2007

Storm in the GTA ( Greater Toronto Area)

Just as we were packing up at work to head home for the weekend , the skies darkened and a severe squall hit the western GTA. Lightening struck our facility at Brampton and we were left without power ( where is the fabled power stability that we always heard of before we came across to Canada... )

Anyway a far more impacting effect was for Pankaj/Shalini/ Neil/Niki who were travelling to India that evening had their flight cancelled to New York. Pankaj, always a man of action decided to ACT in lieu of lamenting the situation. They rented a car and decided to drive to New York to be in time for their flight connection to India. Pankaj drove while Shalini ( a cell phone addict ) connected to info systems around the country checking on the status of the flight they were trying to reach. Their attitude was great , they joked and laughed through the crumy situation which would possibly make them lose a day of the Indian holiday. I believe they did not make it and spent the day site seeing in New York before they caught the same flight the next day.-- Bon Voyage..


Ash said...

Dear Neeraj,

First visit to your online diary. Congrats Aneeta for her success in 'realting'. Superb attitude - Pankaj & Co, only thing is that if they have come to North India then we were at 44 Degrees or so with the minimum at 33. May be you can handle power cuts in Canada but here??? Gives a new definition to 'blistering' which reminds me that has the young tennis player recovered from it and his cold?

Keep up the show.

Neeraj Tandon said...

the blister is almost gone but the cold is still there.....