Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anita's BirthDay

At the stroke of 12 midnight Sonia broke out on the well known B'day jingle and everyone followed the cue. B'Day presents appeared out of no where and very quickly the floor was strewn with gift wrappings and boxes. Calls from around the world ( Kenya/ Kazakstan/India) streamed in. After the hectic trip to Montreal and Quebec everyone spent a quiet day at home. There was a trip to the YMCA where I believe the treadmill was the popular appartaus.
We cut a strawberry cake in the evening and sipped some Shandy before we headed off to the neighbouring Swiss Chalet resturant for the customary B day dinner. The food was exceptionally good so much so that everyone poached from each other which we found equally good. The day was closed off by listening to the Robin Cook audio CD which was incomplete from the Montreal/ Quebec trip.

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