Sunday, August 3, 2008

PMI Item Writing- Washington DC, Jul 2008

PMI hosted a massive item writing event at DC in late Jul 2008. This was new to me but most folks there had attended these events before. Dan Lefsky, Molly Swenson, Marcos Damasceno & I were grouped together for a two day Item writing session. Though I was a bit apprehensive on how I would fare at this event, I actually found the experience very interesting. Judging from the amount they fed us every few hours one would think we were Sumo wrestlers but I am not complaining.
It was fun working with the group in the pic Light hearted banter and work progressed simultaneously-- the hallmark for a good working environment. I believe it was also the first time that PMI had everyone working on a laptop but we were not permitted to connect to the internet on account of security. No Face book, no internet-- how did anyone expect me to work!!!!

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