Sunday, August 31, 2008

Antrix off for another term at U of Waterloo

Aug 31, Antrix moved back to his Univ for a second year at the Faculty of Architecture in Cambridge. You can see how we loaded our van (left)and Antrix outside his new accomodation in Cambridge( Right)
We started the day by dismantling the furniture ( bed , study table & book rack) at home , loading the van and then assembling the same at Cambridge. Antrix managed the accommodation all on his own and I was impressed at his selection. Though his classes start a week later he was keen to get a good start on the new term & so he will now spend his night in his new room.


Pankaj said...

Just saw your blog. Great job!
I wish I had your dicipline (can't even spell it!) to update the goings-on in my life.
Man.. your kayaks are awesome.
Can't wait to visit you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Pankaj

It shows that at least some one is reading my blog.
Waiting for you to come over, so that we can go kayaking together... not much of summer left now, so you gotta hurry