Sunday, August 31, 2008


On Sat Aug 30 , Piu ( Right pic)was finally able to do some kayaking. She had been looking forward to this ever since Aayush (left pic)mentioned this to her on his trip to India. She really impressed me and ventured out twice and then surprised me the next day when she declared there were no aches and pains from the kayaking experience of the previous day. I was also eventually able to click some decent pics which I had been trying to do since May. The two boats were switched between Antrix , Aayush and Piu. Antrix & Aayush wanted to venture on to the lake but apparently the calm waters of the lake were not challenging enough -- they needed some rough conditions to make it worth their while. I on the contrary feel the flat waters of the Credit river are ideal conditions for paddling-- but to each his own.

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