Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jose & Glory

Last week we drove to Germantown, Maryland & finally after 4 years in the North American vicinity we were able to meet with Jose & his family. Jose now sports a felon look and that combined with the knowledge that he is now known as "Hos-ey" gave me an impression that he has strayed from the straight and narrow of the Army.. ( that is ofcourse is just in jest-- he is still the same ol' Jose). Jason & Tanya are responsible American youngsters holding respectible jobs & you can see the four "kids" ( Antrix, Jason, Tanya, Aayush) in the pic above. We spent a a great evening together catching up on old times while Glory made sure we kept away from her kitchen lest we find it "messy" -- on the contrary we found their home classy and far from messy.
Interestingly , Jose & Jason both work for Booze Allen ( no! the company does not make booze)-- Jose now makes sure the databases of the US , FDA are ticking the way they should

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