Monday, August 4, 2008

New York- Aug 2008

Some of the places we visited in NY were the Statute of Liberty, Madison Square Garden, Times Square & the Empire State building. We also visited Ground Zero and had some tea right across the street where the WTC towers once stood. The enormity of the colossal damage to lives and property and the futility of such an act shakes one to the core. Times Square was a popular haunt for us for the two plus days we stayed there. Visiting NY is all about history. One can stand on the spot where Mohd Ali was weighed at Madison Sq Gardens, marvel at the Statue of Liberty on which millions of immigrants and visitors have gazed as they entered NY harbour or walk by "Ground Zero".
Heading back to Mississauga on Aug 02 , we made a stop at a Primeoulet Mall. it was a relief to see some decent prices eventually .... gas ofcourse was way out of control.

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